Learn how to add free SSL certificate to secure website

Assuming you have hosted website with GoDaddy, with cPanel …

If you want to just add basic SSL certificate there are few in market, follow below steps to add one for your website.

Also, without SSL Cert, google shows website as “Not Secure”.

Goto https://www.sslforfree.com/

Enter website name for which you want to create SSL Certificate, in my case it will be javator.com / www.javator.com

This shall redirect you with new page where it asks how do we verify our domain to verify ownership.

Select “Manual Verification” and proceed further..

Now download File #1 and File #2 and upload these through “File Manager” in cPanel Admin

Now create two folders one inside another in public_html (.well-known folder and inside create acme-challenge)

public_html ->.well-known -> acme-challenge

Now upload downloaded files using Upload button, and it looks something like below.

Now comeback to sslforfree website again and hit below links (Refer step 5)

One the output returned is string as shown in above, then it’s good to go to generate SSL Certificate.

Now hit on “Download All SSL Certificate Files”, extract the downloaded zipfile

Once extracted it should have 3 files.

Go back to cPanel and click SSL/TLS Status

If you are first time user or your certificate is expired (sslforfree certificates expires every 3 months, which makes us to do above all 3 steps over again )

As my certificate is valid, it gives me expiry date, in any case hit “view Certificate”

This will redirect you to page where we have to copy paste content of 3 files which we downloaded in zip (ca_bundle.crt, certificate.crt and private.key)

Hit Install certificate button, tada all set and website shows padlock, which makes out website secure

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